About Us


AL SHAHER SPORTS CENTER launched at 3rd quarter of 2016. The company was conceptualized and built aiming to promote health awareness and developing the physical growth of each child by bringing different sports activities.

It was developed and founded by sports enthusiasts himself Mr. Hemoud Saoud Shaher Alshammari. This is in response to the demand for high quality, sports related activities that our youth will benefit. For many years, the quest for an affordable, quality after school program is very elusive in Qatar. Limited sports related activities are offered in the market. In the year 2016 in line with Qatar Vision for 2030, Al Shaher Sports Center was created and conceptualized.

Comprising with it’s dedicated and sports fanatics team, Al Shaher Sports Center introduces to the market Aqua-tots Swim School, an internationally acclaimed swimming academy. With its positive response in the market accompanied with its popularity, the founder Mr. Alshammari bring unparalleled and incomparable Little Kickers to Qatari market to experience the fun while learning football. Mr. Alshammarri is committed to promote growth in youth sports in the region while improving the quality of experience available to our future athletes. Opt to its goal to conduct multi-activity sports classes for children to uphold their well-being physically and mentally. Al Shaher Sports Center will introduce sports related activities that will enhance the children physical, emotional, mental and social progress.

We aim to give a professional culture towards sports coaching and development for the youth. Through sports, it will encourage our young generation of higher level of general health and fitness. Honing and developing our future athlete’s life valuable lessons such as team work, fair play, mutual respect and leadership.

Through combination of sports and physical activities, Al Shaher Sports Center will truly give the parents a choice to divert their children attention from gadgets and television by enrolling them in after schools sports activities.

United with sports, Al Shaher Sports Center will continue to its pursuit in introducing to the community a sports related programs that will totally give a positive experience to our children We promote fun and learning at the same time!

Hemoud Saoud Alshammari
Founder | CEO


The enhancement of physical and mental development of children is certainly the most important contribution of sports for children. Due to its vast reach, unparalleled popularity and foundation of positive values, sport is definitely one the greatest things man has ever created. Through sports it breaks down all the barriers and helps us feel good about ourselves, both physically and mentally.

Sports is an alternative for textbook learning, where learning is fun and enjoyable.

By playing sports children develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, have fun, learn to be a team member, learn about play fair, improve self-esteem, etc. In AL SHAHER SPORTS CENTER , our sports activities will be divided into programs designed for all children with different abilities.


  • Provide well organized sports activities and recreation for children appropriately structured to accommodate any level of abilities to commensurate the child's player individuality, potential and interest.
  • Promote positive youth sports culture that teaches life lessons, mold personalities and hone children's skills to become a future athlete of his generation


  • We aspire to be an outstanding education-athletic organization that provides high quality experience for every child.
  • A high quality experience in which every student is coached using a different approach or principals of positive coaching that incorporates the fun of playing the games, all children should feel important to be part of the team regardless of its performance.
  • Life lessons should be taught that has value beyond the playing field and learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the games, for each child development and be a star in the future.
  • Provide an environment where every child is as equally important with other children in regardless of his abilities.


  • Community: Building positive relationship in the society. Developing a place and recreation activities for children to develop their mental, emotional and physical well-being.
  • Quality: Achieving excellence in the provision of instruction, programs, service, and facility management.
  • Education: Creating opportunities for personal and physical development, enrichment, health and wellness that benefit our students and members.